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News - June 9, 2017

We are pleased to announce a New Addition to our family

 of quality product lines!





COBEY offers complete design and manufacturing of modular piping systems for oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and air separation industries including lube oil consoles, compressor packaging, gas seal panels, pressure vessels, gas conditioning skids, high-speed reciprocating compressors, CNG vehicle filling stations, oil-free and oil flooded screw compressors, water injection and fuel forwarding skids, de-noxification /AIG skids, and power generation custom retrofits and upgrades.


Since its foundation, Cobey’s primary offering has been lube oil systems. With hundreds of lube oil systems in service,Cobey has worked with specifications of nearly every major petrochemical, power generation and air separation company worldwide.


Cobey will custom design and manufacture rotating equipment packages to meet your needs; including structural bedplates, machinery mounting pads, piping, tubing, electrical wiring, instrumentation and controls.


Cobey’s gas seal panels are designed to supply seal buffer gas to the shaft seals of various rotating compressors, providing containment of these process gases. 


In addition, Cobey’s packaging experience includes:  Cooling Water Skids, Compressed Natural Gas Products including Filling Stations, Gas Conditioning Skids, Glycol Systems, Fuel Forwarding Skids, Fuel Gas Boosting Skids, Fuel Injection Skids, Pressure Vessels: (Pulsation Dampeners, Lube Oil Coastdown Tanks, Seal Head Tanks and Separators) as well as Water Injection Skids.


We are eager to share this exciting new product line with you, so please contact us for additional information.